Mr. Wade Reynolds, Software Architect, Engineer and Guitar-Dude
Wade A. Reynolds
  • 10+ years of technical experience across several disciplines including data center systems, networking, virtualization, database systems, and software development.
  • 8+ years of experience participating in software engineering processes including SDLC, waterfall and Agile methodologies, requirements gathering and documentation, artifact tracking (defect and requirements tracking), source code control systems (SVN, CVS), automated build systems, continuous integration, software versioning and release processes, testing (unit testing, integration testing, etc.), and project management.
  • 8+ years using source code control including Subversion, CVS and Microsoft Visual Source Safe.
  • 11 years of providing technical leadership in every position held. Always end up being a “go-to guy” and a mentor to those around me.
  • For my current resume in a Word doc or a PDF file, please contact me.